“Viking” piggyback train

“Viking” piggyback train is a joint project of Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Belarusian Railways, stewedore companies and ports of Klaipeda, Illichivsk and Odessa. The route crosses Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania and links the network of sea container and contrailer lines of Baltics and the Black seas, Mediterranean and Caspian seas.

The regular runs were launched on 6 February 2003.

Overview of the “Viking” piggyback train:

“ZUBR” container train

Our separate achievement is forwarding services, on a regular basis, by “ZUBR” container train , which departs from the port of Muuga (Estonia) to Ukraine to the following stations: Kiev-Liski, Dnepropetrovsk-Liski, Donetsk-Liski, Kharkiv-Liski, Lugansk-Liski, Odessa-Liski, Chop, Sknilov (Lviv). The purpose of this logistics project is a regular (8 times a month), fast and affordable, delivery of containerized goods from Estonia to Ukraine. At the same time, we deliver goods to Estonia by sea transport more often from China, using a specially developed combined tariff.


The Port Community Information System (ISPS)

ISPS is an organizational and technical system that allows you to accumulate, verify, process, save and transmit electronically the information and documents necessary for the implementation of border, customs and other types of control, clearance of goods and vehicles in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine on electronic document management. Now the electronic system includes “free practice” which is the transition from paper to electronic outfit and electronic permission to leave the port area. Participation in this system allows you to make the process faster and more transparent. The advantages of this system have already been felt by many of our customers.