Customs clearance services

Customs clearance of goods


International cargo transportation is certainly associated with customs clearance of goods. Because of the specialties of Ukrainian legislation there is a fairly impressive list of necessary documents needed  for this procedure which  can significantly delay the process of registration and deliver a lot of trouble. In particular, this is noted by people who encountered such difficulties for the first time.


Daleth Group has extensive experience in providing customs and brokerage services, which allows us to significantly reduce the difficulties with registration of export, import, transit of goods, including exhibits.


The customs clearance services from Daleth Group include:


Accreditation of companies engaged in foreign economic activities in the relevant organizations on the territory of Ukraine;

Collection of the full list of customs documents;

Assistance in the passage of examinations, radiological and environmental control, interaction with the Ministry of Health and UkrSEPRO and the approval of the International Chamber of Commerce;

Calculation of possible customs payments, as well as determination of duties imposed on the delivered goods;

Services of a customs broker to protect the interests of the client in the organizations specialized in granting permits for cargo.

Assistance to the importers who make their first import;

Optimization of costs of the approval of documents;

Full customs clearance of goods;

Control and optimal organization of all stages of coordination.



Today Daleth Group is actively cooperating with large and demanding customers, as we can help with any unresolved issues related to customs business.


If you need an experienced and responsible customs broker , then there is no need to look for alternatives, since Daleth Group is a company for which it is not difficult to resolve customs issues. If earlier customs clearance of goods was defined as a stumbling block for many companies wishing to develop international trade, today Daleth Group completely excluded such situations.


For our partners, we are also ready to provide a special service – technical import, one of the most demanded today.


In case your company does not wish to conduct foreign economic activity on its own in Ukraine, you can order this service on outsourcing with us. We provide this service to many of our partners.


How does it happen?


We conclude a foreign economic contract with your supplier, buy your goods, deliver them to Ukraine, obtain all necessary permits and perform customs clearance of the goods in your name (with payment of all customs payments). Such a scheme allows our customers to purchase their goods in Ukraine already cleared under an internal sales contract in national currency with VAT.


If you order a service of technical import, the following options will be of advantage to you:


– getting rid of worries related to planning, organizing and performing all the functions of the company involved in import activities, such as: drawing up foreign economic contracts, monitoring timely foreign exchange payments according to the terms of the contract, buying currency to pay for goods, etc .;


– Reduction of expenses for the content of professional management in the state of logistics, financial and legal department;


– purchase of the desired goods already in Ukraine on the basis of an internal contract, at a fixed price in local currency.


To calculate the cost of the above services, contact us right now!